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White and Mason Lawyers in Melbourne

White and Mason Lawyers are a vibrant and progressive law firm based in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia and houses some of Australia’s largest corporations. The city is also an incubator for emerging businesses and start-ups.

Our core values are built on Respect, Integrity and Transparency.

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Through these values we look to build long term relationships based on trust, loyalty and health? with our clients and our expert team of estate, family and property commercial litigation lawyers.

It is our goal to resolve your legal matters promptly to minimise your legal costs, any exposure to risk you face and to produce the best outcome for you.

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Our Melbourne-based team of family lawyers, estate, commercial and property litigation lawyers work with businesses, individuals and families servicing their legal requirements in and around the CBD area.

Our group of family lawyers are highly skilled at mediation and navigating the complexities that can arise during the emotionally charged legal disputes involving custodies of children, domestic violence, divorce and the division of assets

A properly drafted Will completed by one of our expert estate lawyers ensures your Will is less likely to be challenged by those who are not entitled to your assets. If you are in need of creating or updating your Will and Estate affairs due to changes in your personal circumstances, our estate lawyers can guide you through the process of ensuring your assets find their way to the appropriate parties in the event you are no longer around.

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The area of property law is one fraught with potential legal landmines due to the complexities that can arise around lease agreements, property titles and where the responsibilities lie for any damage – either to the property or financially – to any of the parties involved. This can be a dispute between a landlord and a tenant in both a commercial or domestic situation.

In a city undergoing the level of expansion that Melbourne presently is, it is not uncommon for properties connected to particular business to change hands after sale. If you are purchasing a property or a business that is attached to a property, it is vital you know what you are buying and where you stand from the point of view of the law in the event something goes awry.

We can advise you on all aspects of business and commercial law, commercial structures, Estate and Wills, family law and white-collar crime. For a complete list of the services we offer, please see our services page.