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White and Mason Commercial Lawyers Based in the Melbourne CBD.

White & Mason Lawyers are a Commercial Law Firm with highly-experienced practitioners based in our Melbourne office on Flinders lane.

It is much easier to reach an agreement when all parties are happy and looking forward to a prosperous future, rather than scrambling for a position when the bottom of the world seems to have evaporated. This is the task of a commercial lawyer, to help reach these agreements quickly and with minimal cost to you.

We offer advice in commercial and corporate law with regard to:

We offer advice in commercial and corporate law with regard to:

Mergers and Acquisitions / Divestments

White and Mason Lawyers will help you with all aspects including pre-contractual discussions, non-disclosure, confidentiality and advise on the risks and liabilities surrounding these agreements.

Shareholders Agreements / Unit Holders Agreements

One of our highly qualified commercial lawyers can advise you on what you require and the interrelationship with the other parties. If agreements are required from the commencement, then we will listen to all parties’ requirements and reflect those in the agreement.

Corporate Structure / Partnership Agreements

A commercial lawyer can assist you in choosing the best structure for your circumstances, taking into consideration your personal and corporate requirements together with a consideration of revenue law and asset protection.

Trust Law

Advice on the appropriate trust to be established, the beneficiary’s entitlements, the operation of the trust and the final vesting of the trust.

Revenue Law

Both income tax law and state revenue law and the implications of your business activities and the likely taxes that are likely to affect your business making decisions.

Employment Agreements

Whether you are an employer or employee it is vital to ensure that you are protected, and that the agreement complies with all relevant laws.

Independent Contractor Agreements

A commercial lawyer can help to determine whether the correct agreement has been reached with regard to revenue law and the practical implications as well as insuring it is commercially enforceable and beneficial.

Franchise Agreements

All aspects of franchise law for either franchisor’s or franchisee’s to ensure that the code is complied with and that in the case of the franchisee the agreement is fair and reasonable so that your investment is protected as best as possible.

International Distribution / Licence Agreements

To ensure that you are not assuming liabilities that are not yours, the agreement is where possible governed by local law, and that currency risks are minimised.

Local Licence Agreements

To ensure the agreement is a license agreement and not drafted in a manner that could be interpreted as a different style of agreement.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (“SMSF”)

To advise as to all aspects of superannuation law and in particular to ensure that the structures comply with all relevant legislation and that the correct documentation is at all times completed so that the fund is fully compliant.

Asset Protection

The appropriate structure for your business needs in order to safeguard the businesses most valuable assets and if necessary, your personal assets.

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