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White & Mason Lawyers is an experienced litigation law firm.

White & Mason Lawyers are an experienced commercial litigation law firm based in Melbourne.

Our experienced team of commercial litigation lawyers are able to assist you in achieving your optimum commercial outcome without the need to issue legal proceedings where possible. It is our objective to provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation, not the other way around.

A litigation lawyer is a qualified legal counsel that works to assist clients in the prosecution or defence of a lawsuit. This can occur outside a courtroom as two parties attempt to reach an amicable agreement, or within a courtroom with arguments about the case in question being delivered to a judge for a final decision.

In the event such proceedings are necessary, you will be kept appraised as to all the costs that are likely to be incurred in a prompt and timely manner with the goal at all times to seek the optimum commercial outcome. If more than one litigation lawyer is required to assist you in your case, we will notify you.

Mark White, principle litigation lawyer at White and Mason, has many years’ experience working in the litigation field. He has consulted locally in Melbourne, interstate and has travelling overseas for mediation and consulting purpose for high-profile for trials requiring his expertise.

With the cost of litigation escalating and the rules of the Courts becoming more and more defined, it is often to all parties’ advantage that disputes be resolved before proceedings are issued as this can cause costs to significantly increase.

Your time and money are best spent in growing and developing your business to have a competitive edge not looking backwards and being held to ransom, which is often the tragedy of most litigations.

Let our team of experienced litigation lawyers help you and your business grow, not run it into the ground due to legal costs.

If it becomes necessary to litigate, when all else has failed and you need to enforce or defend your rights, White & Mason’s team of experienced commercial litigation lawyers are available to assist you.

We practice in all Court’s and jurisdictions based in Victoria which include but are not limited to the Melbourne Magistrate’s Courts, the County Courts, the Supreme Courts, Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal, the Federal Court and the Federal Circuit Court.

We will not only assist you in determining the merits and strengths of your matter but also assist you in developing that strength and strategically assisting you to plan for the optimum outcome in your matter.

If you are unsure on where you stand from a legal perspective in a commercial dispute, we at White and Mason can provide the best commercial litigation lawyers Melbourne has to offer someone in your situation.

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We at White & Mason Lawyers offer litigation services for:

Immediate Resolution

Where possible we will endeavour to find a solution to avoid any litigation or the need for alternative dispute resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

Even if proceedings have commenced that most Courts in all jurisdictions now require matters to be mediated prior to trial.  This can vary from a full blown mediation to a two hour prehearing conference.


Given the cost of court hearings or arbitration where in addition to the usual costs incurred the parties must pay for the arbitrator to read all documents, prepare, listen to the dispute and then deliver a judgment that is binding on the parties.


Can either be agreed to by the parties at an early stage or maybe ordered by a court.

Commercial and Civil Litigation

No matter what type of litigation we are committed to at all times being transparent in the conduct of your matter.

Taxation and Compliance Litigation

Whether caused by cash flow or simply being too busy to comply, we can help you with the various regulatory and revenue authorities.

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