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Wills and Estates

White & Mason Lawyers are a highly experienced Wills and Estates Law Firm based in the Melbourne CBD right near the iconic Flinders Street Station.

The old expression is that there are only two things certain in life, death and taxes. There is no such thing as a standard Will.  Every human being has led a different life, has different views and different relationships with their family.

Even the definition of what is a family is constantly evolving which means that the manner in which people create Wills to reflect their final intentions is constantly evolving.

The team of Wills and estate lawyers at White and Mason understand and appreciate that people have different needs in creating their final Will and accordingly will listen and assist you in casting your final wishes.

This is often overlooked, even though this is the most important area of the law when it comes to the distribution of assets. Most of us spend our whole life working to accumulate these assets but don’t spend enough time, thought or consideration on how those assets are to be disposed of upon our death or what occurs in the event of us sustaining a disability, becoming frail and losing our faculties.

A clearly drafted Will by one of our estate lawyers can minimise the opportunity of it being challenged and causing the parties that were to be provided for, unnecessary heartache and additional stress during their grief.

With regard to death, we are able to assist with:


This is your opportunity to thoughtfully dispose of your assets at the end of your life. This can be a confronting process, but anyone of our estate lawyers can assist you throughout the entire process as we draft the appropriate documentation. We invite you to attend our Melbourne offices to begin this process.

Testamentary Trusts

These are best used when there are problems, be it medical, financial or even matrimonial with children or spouses in order to protect the asset during their lifetime for future generations and provide an income for them.

Financial Enduring Powers of Attorney

To avoid an application for guardianship and to provide a smooth transition in the event of incapacity.

Limited Powers of Attorney

This can be evoked to cover a specific event where you wish someone else to have your power to make decisions and sign documents such as the purchase of a property if you are overseas.

Medical Enduring Powers of Attorney

To appoint a person to make decisions regarding your treatment if you no longer have the capacity to do so.

Powers of Attorney for Directors and Trustees of SMSF

To appoint a person to make decisions regarding your SMSF if you no longer have the capacity to do so.

Administration of Estates

Attending to all legal aspects of the management of the Will, relationships between the beneficiaries and the estate and the granting of probate.

Letters of Administration

If there is no Will and the deceased has assets in Melbourne or the state of Victoria (or interstate) then we will assist you with an application for letters of administration.

Estate Litigation

Should a dispute arise, acting for either the estate or beneficiaries and advising on the commercial and legal positions with regard to any threatened or perceived litigation.

Death is something that will come to all of us, so it is important to consider those we will leave behind to make sure they are properly taken care of, and that the assets we accumulate in life are bequeathed to the appropriate parties.  Consider White and Mason Lawyers as your resource of expert wills and estate lawyers to help you make sure your assets are looked after.

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