White & Mason Lawyers is an experienced Property Law Firm with experienced Practitioners.

In the BRW Rich 200 list, property is the single most quoted asset by which parties generate their wealth.

In order to not just protect your wealth, but also to grow your wealth, you need the support of an experienced property group.

We at White & Mason Lawyers offer property law services for:

Purchase of residential and commercial properties

All your legal requirements are met so that the contract protects you so that any purchaser’s right to withdraw from any contract is minimised.

Sale of residential and commercial properties

All your legal requirements are met so that the contract is correct and that if there is any error or non-disclosure in the section 32 you are advised of same and your rights arising therefrom.

Retail leasing

At all times you are aware of the impact of the lease and your rights under The Retail Leases Act 2003.  We will also ensure the disclosure statement is correct.

Commercial leasing

Landlords appreciate our commercial approach to drafting leases that suit their requirements and tenants appreciate the advice as to their liability and where leases that are provided may need to be amended to protect their interest.

Property structures for acquiring property

Choosing the best structure for you having regard to your personal and corporate requirements together with a consideration of revenue law and asset protection.

Plans of subdivision

Advice on common areas, licences and compliance.

Property development/ town planning advice

Advice on contracts, environmental considerations and town planning issues.

Off the plan purchase/ sales

Drafting extensive contracts for vendors or reviewing contracts for purchasers.  In each instance in order to protect our client.

Property law disputes

Advising as to the commercial reality and optimum outcome with the strength of our litigation team, if required.

Adverse possession claims

Advising on all aspects of such claim and preparing all relevant documentation for lodging with the Land Titles Office.

Building contract advice

For builders drafting contracts having regard to all relevant legislation and their commercial needs and for consumers to ensure the agreements are reflective of their legal rights.

Restrictive covenants/ easements

Advise on whether any existing covenants or easements are valid or enforceable or to advise on the creation of new covenants or easements and reflect those in documentation.

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