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Urgent Family Law Matters and Covid-19

June 28, 2021 by Douglas McMillan

The Family and Federal Circuit Courts of Australia have established a dedicated National Covid-19 List to address urgent matters that arise during the pandemic.  The Courts will hear matters, by electronic means, which are directly (or if indirectly) have a significant link to Covid-19 circumstances regarding children and property matters.

The following is a non-exclusive list of what types of matters the Courts may hear at its complete discretion:

It is important to seek independent legal advice as soon as possible so that the proper initial steps are taken to confirm that it is appropriate to make an Application to this dedicated Court List.  Once an Application is considered by the Court, the matter will then be directed based on the urgency of the matter, noting that mediation and conciliation processes may also be canvassed and/or ordered where appropriate.

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