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White & Mason Lawyers is a Highly Experienced Family Law Firm In Melbourne

White & Mason Lawyers are an experienced family law firm. Our offices are based in Flinders Lane in the Melbourne CBD.

From the point that you enter a relationship or marriage, you should be aware of time frames and your personal exposure in the unfortunate event of a failure of the relationship or marriage. Our family lawyers can help advise you in all aspects of matrimonial law, including premarital and cohabitation agreements, through to children and property arrangements should your relationship or marriage fail.

Douglas McMillan, Special Counsel, is one of our most experienced family lawyers and can assist in all these matters.

Financial and Property Matters

Family law encompasses many areas of law, including complex trust and business structures, royalties, patents, copyright, superannuation, leases, licences, property holdings, artworks and any property with a value.

Binding Financial Agreements

BFA’s give clients’ the ability to resolve their property matters without resort to Court action. BFA’s give clients the option of keeping their agreements confidential. It is important to consult with a solicitor well prior to any wedding or formed relationship starting so as to give both parties plenty of time to properly consider the consequences of entering into such an agreement.  These types of agreements are also available during a relationship and after separation.

Family Violence, Intervention Order Applications and Criminal Law

Family violence is prominent in family law matters with Intervention Orders impacting on the amount of time a parent may, or may not, spend with children. Breaches of Intervention Orders and subsequent criminal charges brought by Victoria Police can result in significant fines and imprisonment. Adverse findings against a parent in family violence matters can have significant implications and consequences in family law matters, and in general.

Douglas provides advice in all of these areas. Many family law firms do not provide advice with respect to Intervention Order Applications and criminal matters as they relate to a family law proceeding.

We at White and Mason Lawyers offer family law services for:

We at White & Mason Lawyers offer family law services for:

Court Applications

ollation of all relevant information with respect to children and property matters, setting legal strategies, and preparation of court documents from the commencement of a matter through to a concluded Final Hearing, including enforcement and appeal if required.


Given the increase in marriages and relationships between people from different countries, and a highly mobile community at large, more people are seeking to relocate interstate or overseas or to rural locations. It is improper to move without giving notice to the other parent and receiving their consent.  If no consent has been given then a court application is required prior to moving. Legal advice from one of our expert family lawyers should be sought in these matters at the earliest time.


Regarding international aspects of family law, The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported in 2015 that 81% of marriages were between couples born in different countries. Douglas understands the complexities of this aspect of family law, including child abduction in Australia.

If you are in need of one of the best family lawyers Melbourne has to consult, advise and guide you through a turbulent time in your life, we invite you to contact us today.

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