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Foreign Investment in Australia – Part 2

June 07, 2019 by Mark White

Part 1 is available here.

Austrade works to inform investors about growth opportunities in these key areas:

  1. Resources and energy

Australia has:

Rising power prices and a commitment to a less carbon-intensive economy means there is also a demand for renewables and energy efficient technologies, which in particular our firm has been involved with.

  1. Australian medical and materials sciences;

Australia has advanced research and innovation capabilities in niche areas of advanced manufacturing and a proven track record in developing materials science and technology solutions, in:

Australia offers world-class research infrastructure, a strong but flexible regulatory regime including (IP) protection, tax incentives and a supportive business culture for undertaking research and development (R&D).

  1. Technologies and digital technologies

Australia has an expanding, multi-faceted digital economy with e-ready government, industries and consumers.

The country’s economic transition and the need for efficiency gains is driving demand for digital technologies and creating strong opportunities across economy, including in collaborative research and development, digital infrastructure and data centres, cyber security, financial services (fintech), agribusiness and food (agtech), resources and energy, digital health, transport and logistics, government services, education and tourism.

In an uncertain world, Australia remains a safe and secure place to invest and do business, with its stable democratic system of government and independent judiciary and legal system.

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