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January 20, 2020 by Mark White

Everyday simple transactions involving advice or money or account details through emails on the internet are all capable of being attacked, altered, completely changed or intercepted.

There is a greater risk that what you receive from your accountant, lawyer, banker or supplier could have been interfered with and the details will not be what they started out as.

How do you protect yourself?

The most basic steps are to pick up the phone and speak to someone you know and recognise their voice to check and determine that the details, be it a name or account number, have not been changed. Even a slight change in the spelling of a name that looks or sounds the same can have dramatic consequences. The effect of a different number for an account or different bank are also obvious.

The simple step of SMS verification may also save a big problem later.

There is no substitute for being on guard in such matters.

How can we help?

White and Mason Lawyers can help you protect your company, business or personal wealth from the effects of such cyber-crime and also develop systems with you to mitigate the risk of such an event happening to you.

If you have already fallen victim to cyber-crime, White and Mason Lawyers may be able to assist you in still being liable for a debt you thought you had paid or recovering money that has not been paid to you where it is alleged that it had been paid but was affected by unlawful interference.

Moving forward

Caution must now be exercised more than ever in the past to safeguard one’s cash flow and business.

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